Will these hurt my sensitive ears?

Most likely not!  All of our earrings are nickel free so that you will not have to worry about sensitive ears.  We have never received any reports of issues with irritation from any of our customers. However, we are aware that different people experience varying levels of sensitivity to metals, so in the event of the slightest irritation, please inform us right away.

While we are very confident our pieces will be safe for your skin, if you have extremely sensitive skin, please wear them at your own risk.  Elise Design Company is not liable for any injuries sustained from wearing Elise Design Company jewelry.

Are your earrings heavy?

No way! The premium woods and acrylics used are extremely lightweight so that they will not tug your earlobes.

Mine look a little different than the picture...

Your earrings, regardless of which pair you have, have been designed, created, assembled, and packaged by hand and sent with love to your doorstep.  Each pair is created individually from one another, which means each type of wood, wood grain pattern, cut of acrylic, down to even the packaging is different from the next.  Why is this such amazing news?  It means that everything you receive from Elise Design Company is going to be unique to you.

We work with a very high quality standard and because we produce each item individually, we are able to control the quality and inspect every piece before it is shipped.  You can be assure that you will always be getting the most beautiful pieces hot off the small batch production line!