jewelry care tips

Preserve the handcrafted quality of your Elise Design Company jewelry and promote the longevity of your pieces with these five simple tips.

Store Jewelry and Like Earring Pairs separately

this helps to ensure that the metal backing do not scratch each other or your other earrings when not being enjoyed

Store IN Airtight containers or sealed bags

this helps to prevent oxygen and other airborne elements from tarnishing your jewelry

wipe regularly with a lens cloth or cotton cloth

this helps to prevent the inevitable buildup of makeup/lotion/sunscreen/hairspray on your Elise pieces

Rub GENTLY with warm water and a little soap

this is for when you need to deep clean your handcrafted jewelry when there is makeup/lotion/sunscreen/hairspray on them

avoid wearing in the shower, pool, or ocean

this helps to ensure your jewelry will remain out of contact with harsh chemicals

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