Acrylic French Pin Hair Accessory


If you are looking for loose, effortlessly glamorous hairstyle, you’ve just found your new favorite hair accessory.  These five inch french pins elegantly hold top buns, chignon hair styles, or half hair twists.  With a few practice hair twisting sessions, you’ll be rocking a casually chic look.  The best part?  You won’t be damaging your hair with all of those claw clip teeth!  Simply wiggle the two prongs of your acrylic french pin into and across your hair style, and that’s it!  Watching a video or two to practice might be helpful to achieve the look you’re going for, that’s how I learned and I haven’t looked back.


Designed and Made
by Christa Elise in North Carolina 

Every creation of EDCO has been made with so much love in the USA - designed and created in my home studio in North Carolina.  From my humble little home to yours, thanks so much for being here with me!