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founder and designer

Hi!  It’s me Christa Elise, the face behind the name of Elise Design Company.   I just wanted to say I sincerely thank you for being here with me!  Behind the scenes I am designing, sanding, painting, assembling, concepting, and creating beautiful accessories for you and your home!

If you’re new here and we haven’t met, a huge HELLO to you my friend, welcome to our posse!

Lifestyle accessories intentionally crafted by hand and machine
to enhance the natural beauty of self and space.


Each piece is designed and crafted by hand in-studio with the use of specialized tools to ensure the highest level of quality and consistent craftsmanship.  Natural woods, crafted acrylics, and quality metals have been handpicked and passionately crafted to encourage a collective modern aesthetic with varied creative materials and unique styles.


Inspiration for each piece is derived from people and experiences and influenced the necessity for versatility and wearability.  These are valuable factors that are central to every crafted design that allows Elise Design Company accessories to accompany you through authentic moments, memorable experiences, and everyday life in between.


Modern aesthetic is blended with natural elements for effortless wearability.  You can feel confident that each Elise Design Company accessory will pair perfectly with many outfits and become your timeless to-go accessory, whether that’s complimenting casual wear, classing up an elegant look, or simply owning your personal style.

Restoring our planet one tree at a time.

You are making a huge impact through your purchases!  My work with hardwoods and natural materials has driven me to an even greater appreciation for the organic beauty of our world.  To help give back and love on our natural environment, every one of you purchases contributes to the reforestation of our planet through the amazing non-profit One Tree Planted.

We began planting trees on Earth Day 2021 and this number updates once each month.

number of 
trees planted


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